Take a look at these frequently asked questions to learn more about our services. If you can't find the answer to your question here, just contact us and we'll help you.

What does 'VPN' stand for?

VPN stands for 'Virtual Private Network'.

What does a VPN do?

A VPN is essentially a connection that is made between OctaneVPN and your computer. It allows you to change your virtual location and your IP address to hide your real location and IP address. It also offers enhanced security and privacy by encrypting your information and data. Your online history, passwords, and communication will be hidden behind OctaneVPN.

What information is visible?

Websites and other parties will see only your OctaneVPN IP address and server location. Your actual IP address and real location will be hidden. Your Internet service provider will see only encrypted data, limiting their ability to monitor your activity and place limits on your bandwidth usage.

Does a VPN slow my Internet speed?

If you choose a server location that is far from your real location, you may notice a dip in speed. However, choosing a connection nearby can help maintain high levels of speed. We do not limit your speed, and your ISP connection also plays a major role in your overall Internet speed.

Why do people use a VPN?

Their reasons vary greatly, but most are in search of greater online privacy. Those who use Wi-Fi hotspots and public networks may turn to OctaneVPN to secure their information to prevent hackers from stealing it. Travelers who use airports and cafés find this benefit especially helpful. Travelers also may use a VPN so that they appear to be near their home when access websites.

Some employers and even ISPs will put up firewalls or restrict access to certain websites or services. OctaneVPN allows you to tunnel through these firewalls so you can gain full access to the internet. Many simply enjoy the security and privacy that OctaneVPN service has to offer, and feel more comfortable communicating, surfing, and shopping online behind our protection.

Does my computer work with your VPN service?

Probably. OctaneVPN works with Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. If you have questions about compatibility, just ask us.

Can I hook up my router with OctaneVPN?

If it is compatible with VPN service, yes you can. Check with us to determine if your router is compatible with our OctaneVPN service. Connecting with your router provides protection for multiple computers and other devices that are connected to the router like blu-ray players, gaming systems, and more.

Will my firewall get in the way?

Probably not. You should not have to adjust your firewall to establish your connection with our OctaneVPN servers, but if you run into problems let us know and we'll help you out.

Do I have to be a tech genius to set it up?

Not at all. Not everybody who desires greater online security and privacy is technically savvy, but that shouldn't mean they can't take advantage of OctaneVPN's encryption and online protection. We use convenient software that make installation and setting up your connection a piece of cake. And we're always available to answer any questions.

Where are your servers?

They're all over the globe and we're always looking to establish new server locations to better serve our customers. For specific locations, see our OctaneVPN Server Locations page.

What VPN protocols work with OctaneVPN?

You can use PPTP or OpenVPN protocols with OctaneVPN. For more information about these protocols, see our OctaneVPN Protocols page.

Will I get static or dynamic IP addresses?

You will be provided dynamic IP addresses so you receive a new address whenever you connect to one of our servers. This helps to prevent tracking and provides increased security and privacy for our customers.

Are there restrictions on what protocols I can use?

We do not monitor or restrict what Internet protocols you use when connected with our service except we block outgoing SMTP for spam control reasons.  For technical reasons, we suggest choosing non-US gateways if you use a torrent client.  Washington, DC and Amsterdam locations are optimized for Usenet traffic.

What are your payment plans?

We offer three payment options. You can pay monthly, bi-annually, or annually. Paying bi-annually offers some savings compared to the monthly plan, while the annual plan offers even greater savings. You may choose whichever works for you, and you are entitled to a refund after 30 days as long as you do not exceed 10GB bandwidth.