Why Do I Need A VPN?

There are 3 main use categories for VPN's



Encrypt All Your Communications:
A VPN creates a secure tunnel encrypting all your communication between your computer or mobile device and our gateway servers, preventing your ISP or others from sniffing your traffic. Frustrate hackers by encrypting everything your computer or device sends to the internet.

Wi-Fi Security:
Open Wi-Fi is a great convenience. It also can be a great danger as you are never quite sure who else is on the local Wi-Fi network or whether the provider of the Wi-Fi is completely is completely legitimate. A VPN encrypts your traffic so you can use Wi-Fi without worry. Many people use Wi-Fi on their mobile devices. A VPN can protect and encrypt your mobile device traffic, too.

Mobile Security:
Mobile Security is growing more important as smart phones and tables carry and access more of our personal data and accounts. You are more likely to use public Wi-Fi on a mobile device. Encrypt your 3G/4G connection as well as mobile Wi-Fi with a VPN.

Added Firewall Layer:
Since to the internet world, your IP address appears to be our server gateways, it is less likely someone would attack your actual real IP address. Our server gateways firewall can deflect an attack so it never gets to your local IP.


Web Surfing:
Sometimes you just do not want others to know where you are or who you are on the internet. Using a VPN, you can sheild yourself from leaving electronic footprints in website logs and marketing networks

ISP Monitoring:
Some ISP's monitor and even restrict speeds on certain type of internet traffic such as P2P traffic. Some ISP's are even in the awkward position of being required by their governments to monitor activity of their customers. VPN's completely encrypt your communication so that your ISP cannot even tell what kind of traffic it is carrying

Web Search:
Ever use a web search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing to make a web search for something and wonder if it will be in some search log tied to your computer's IP address, posiibly forever? By sheilding your location with a VPN, you can make that worry disappear

Appear Somwhere Else

Access the Full Internet:
Traveling overseas and cannot access a US or European Website? Many countries restrict full internet access and some websites restrict access based on the country registered with your IP address. Depending on where you are, access may be restricted. With a VPN connection, you can appear to be back in your home country.

Be In Your Home Country When Your Not:
If your are travelling, stationed overseas or an expatriate living abroad, if you try to order from a website in your home country, the order may flagged as suspicious or even blocked altogether. Credit card companies may decline foreign transactions as well. Many banks also employ security safeguards when a computer with a foreign IP address tries to access an account. Use a VPN to make transactions go smoother.

Save Money With VOIP:
Many VOIP calling plan prices are based on what country you are calling from and calling to. The rates differences can be large. Want to pay the domestic rate instead of an international call? Just choose a VPN Gateway in country you want to be in before you make the call.

Save Money Buying Online:
Did you know that same items often costs a different price in different parts of the world? You can exploit those price differences by using a VPN to choose what country you want to make your purchase.

Country Firewalls:
Not all governments around the world are happy with the free flow of information and many take actions to enact restrictions on access to websites. If you happen to be in one of those countries, VPN's give you options.

Corporate Or School Firewalls:
Sometimes network administrators get a little heavy handed blocking access to the internet. Somebody once abused their policy, so now everyone must be punished with an overly restrictive policy. Use a VPN to tunnel through a firewall and gain full access