Benefits of OctaneVPN

OctaneVPN has a lot to offer our customers. Best of all, it allows our customers to hide their real location and IP address, displaying our IP address and one of our server locations instead. We encrypt your information so you can surf the Internet in peace.

Prevent Unwanted Access to Your Information. Hackers may turn to unsecured public networks such as Wi-Fi hotspots to steal users' information. When you're hiding behind OctaneVPN protection that displays a false IP address and location, their efforts to steal your information are defeated.

Get Around Firewalls. A number of schools and empoyers put up a firewall to prevent people on their networks from accessing certain websites. OctaneVPN creates a connection between your computer and our server so you can tunnel through firewalls to access the full internet.

Lightning Fast Speeds. By choosing a server location nearest your actual location, you can get the most out of your OctaneVPN service and Internet connection. We have servers all over the world and we are constantly looking for ways to add new locations.

Improve Internet Privacy. Don't worry about Internet marketing companies or your ISP monitoring your online activity or evaluating your online identity. OctaneVPN encrypts your information so your information is protected and your security is top notch.

No Bandwidth Limits. Unlike your ISP, we will never limit your bandwidth. OctaneVPN can even help avoid ISP bandwidth throttling on certain protocols because the information your ISP will see is encrypted and they will not be able to determine what type of traffic is on your connection.

Protocol Flexibility. OctaneVPN works with PPTP and OpenVPN protocols, allowing you to choose which works best for you.

Device Flexibility. OctaneVPN can work with multiple computers and devices. It is compatible with Windows 10/7/Vista/XP, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android. Connect OctaneVPN with a compatible router and use other devices, like gaming systems and blu-ray players, behind the protection of OctaneVPN.