Setup Guide for OpenVPN on iOS

1. Download the .ovpn file to your computer here [TOP]

2. Download OpenVPN Connect from the App Store [TOP]

3. Connect iOS Device to computer [TOP]

4. Open iTunes, click on Library [TOP]

5. Click Device Name (iPhone/iPod/etc)[TOP]

6. Click Apps in the top bar [TOP]

7. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the 'File Sharing' area [TOP]

8. Click OpenVPN, then click 'Add...'. Select the .ovpn file (generally in 'Downloads') and 'Open' [TOP]

9. Disconnect the Device and launch OpenVPN [TOP]

10. Tap the green + button to import the profile [TOP]

11. Enter userID (ex: [email protected]), password, and return Done! [TOP]