Setting up OctaneVPN on Windows

Download the latest version of OctaneVPN from the website and double click the installation file

1. Click 'Next' to start the install   [TOP]

2. Accept the License Agreement and click 'Next'   [TOP]

3. Click 'Next' to accept the default location   [TOP]

4. Click 'Next' to accept the Start Menu shortcut   [TOP]

5. Click 'Next' to Create Desktop icons   [TOP]

6. Click 'Install' to complete setup   [TOP]

7. Click 'Finish' to leave the installer   [TOP]

OctaneVPN will automatically start

8. Enter your username and password and click 'Connect'. The program will automatically create a group and add the ten geographically closest locations in it. Click 'Ok' to connect   [TOP]

9. Wait for the checkbox in the upper right corner to turn green   [TOP]

Enjoy the added security and anonymity of your OctaneVPN Connection!