Setting up OpenVPN on Android

In this guide we'll show you how to set up your Android device.


First, download the OctaneVPN mobile .ovpn file ( here ) and email it to yourself. Open the email on your device and tap the download arrow.


1. Install the OpenVPN for Android app from the Google Play Store

2. Tap the button as indicated to add the OctaneVPN config

3. Tap Downloads and select the file OV_mobile.ovpn

4. Tap the checkmark to finish the import

5. Tap OV_mobile to start your connection

**Note - The default configuration is for Washington, DC. To change your location, tap the pencil to edit the configuration. Go to the Server List and change the location ( to any server listed here

6. Enter your login and the MAIN password for your account (not PPTP/IPSec password)

7. Check the log for the Connected message

8. Quickly verify your connection by checking the lock icon in the top bar